Friday, March 30, 2012

The biginning...


I had an on and off sore throat during the winter. At one point I couldn't eat liquid food or swallow my own saliva. But Dr Tham insisted it has to do with the heather in the house...

Early March, she finally sent me for a scan and a mass was discovered in my throat.

I met Dr Eisodofer on March 12, a very nice and polite doctor.(One of the only doctors in private practices who dresses like a real Dr unlike those who dress like direction of banks...). He understood the emergency and scheduled the gastroenteroscopy for the next day. We did the endoscopy at the Shady Grove Hospital on March 13.

March 15, around 6pm, I was driving along 355 in Gaithersburg. I got a call from Dr Eisodofer office. It was his 12 attempt to get in touch with me that day. I picked up and told him"I'm driving dr but I will stop somewhere so we could talk". Where did I stop?! At GPC north parking area. "Now we can talk" I said. " So well" he replyied, "we found a tumor, HPV type. You are very young and you will be fine. An oncologist, Dr O'connor will contact you shortly I made an appointment for you to meet her tomorrow." I reply " Thanks you dr, I will meet her. Thanks bye!" he added " bye, drive safely". I didn't have time to realize what was happening. I just droped food at the Stef's house and I had my three girls in the car with me. I couldn't cry or scream. I didn't feel like it anyway. I look up to the church roof and said " oh God help me", and drove back home.

Got home full of energy, joking and playing with the girls; cooked diner that night, fed them, put them to bed and waited for Rigo. As soon as he opened the doors, I burst into tears. But as usual he was calm and quiet. He kept on repeating " we will be fine". But at that time he had no idea it was a tumor. So I feel like giving him time to eat his dinner first. He had diner that night as if nothing was happening and we went to bed. Before our bed time prayer, I told him it's a cancer in my throat... He hug and said we will be fine. ( grrrrrr) I never heard him so open to God and most of all optimistic before. He made me realize how much I/we needed God. I was lucky and happy he was there for me that day, calm as usual.

March 2012

Stay blessed and thank you all for your love and prayers...

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