Monday, April 30, 2012

Exams, drs appointmens, and the treatment


I was happy that my preliminary PET and CT scans did NOT find any cancer in my head, chest or abdomen. Plus, my blood work came back normal. I feel so relieved to hear the great news. I was trying to keep a very positive attitude going into my tests. Rigo was there with me all the time. Giving me a big smile and telling me funny story to keep my mood up. He is my rock.

The following weeks I had few exams and meeting with Drs. I also started my first session of chemo on April,4. During my break from chemo, I went through few surgical procedures at the Shady Grove Hospital. A bronchoscopy by Dr. Ball on April 10. and a PEG tube by Dr. Jager on the 13. I was in pain because of the tube. My emotions touched the bottom and for a moment I forgot about God. I felt abandoned. That night, other than Rigo, there was also Emmanuel to remind me about God. He came to spend the night with us and played all the Don Moen songs I love.

I continued with my second session of chemo from April 25. That's when I started loosing my hair. It was quiet a shock for me. Although I was prepared for it. But again, my wonderful and super husband was there to make me feel special without hair. He shaved my head and told me how pretty I was. For him I look just the same, maybe more beautiful because of what I'm going through.

During all that time, my girls were brave. They had to spend more time with nannies and friends even more with Rigo. But they did good. We had no major issues. Teresa started showing signs of frustrations after I got my feeding tube and was in pain. She was also very confused after I lost my hair. But super daddy was there for her, with her. He did a lot of talking and now she understands why I have a tube or lost my hair.

There is nothing more terrifying than a mother not being able to take care of her children. I cried a lot after my surgery, I missed taking care of Teresa, Tenisha and Teena. I couldn't wait to play with them again.

We had a night of prayers, led by pastor Norm at our house on Friday the 20 of April. It's good to have a support group during moments like this. We appreciate everyone who came that night.

But we will never forget Emmanuel and all he did for us after my surgery. It's impossible to name everyone. We know and feel the love. We will be forever thankful to you all.

God is great. We say it all the time, not realizing how true it is. Our family is really blessed and we feel the privilege of being sons of God. Everything in our life is special and unique. We are so thankful. Now we know how to give thank. Our faith is bigger than ever. Amen!
April 2012

Stay blessed and thank you all for your love and prayers...

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