Monday, May 21, 2012

1/2 way Chemo+ PET + Scan transition to Chem/Radio


I had my last chemo on May 2nd. Then we had a long break so my blood count could catch up. On the 14th, I had a PET and scan to appreciate the effect of the chemo so far. Dr.O'connor was hoping for a 30% decrease of metabolic activities around the tumor. She was out of town and I had to wait a week to get the result.

My appointment with her was set for Monday 21st at 9.45am. She called me around 9 that morning and asked me to come immediately. It was a stressful drive to her office; my heart was pumping. I was scared... Rigo reminded me about the real healer who has been taking care of me since I was born: GOD. (*)

I arrived at "the oncology and associate" office around 9.30am. As usual they took my blood and sent me to the waiting room N3. The longest 15minutes I ever waited in my life. Dr. O'connor came with a big smile, hug me and told me how great my attitude is and how easy I am as a patient. Yes! and...Honestly I had no clue of what she was about to say. She then said " no more cancer, 0 metabolic activity, nothing can be seen on the scan, nothing". what? I was speechless and I thank God. I could not wait to text Rigo ((smile) he had a meeting that morning). God is great and we are so so blessed.

Dr O'connor insisted we stick to the initial treatment plan. Of course we will. I will have the same chemo for the next 6 weeks(on Wednesdays) and Dr Salem will add radiation.

* Did I say I was scared? of course not (smile). I was sure God was taking care of me. yeah yeah sorry Aisha-GUILTY!

Sorry oh Lord, it's hard for me to see all the thoughts and plans You have for me. No matter how much love you show me, I still fail to trust in you all the time. Please fill me with your spirit of trust. I want to put my trust in You, meet Your guide to set me free.I want to have you in my mind all the time. Amen!
My new hair, May 2012

Stay blessed and thank you all for your love and prayers...

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