Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial weekend

It’s the long memorial weekend, meaning no radiation for me tomorrow. I’ve been fine with the help of tablets. Rigo told me today that I’m changing. I know I am... I didn’t ask how. I hope not too bad. I’m trying my best to reduce the emotional effect of my cancer and treatment on other people than myself. I hope I succeed, if not, then sorry to you sweetheart(and all). That’s why it’s said “for better or worse” during marriage vows.

I’m busy exploring different hair styles. One of the best things about having a cancer is that no matter what I have on my head, people like it. May be by sympathy for my hair lost... Anyway I’ve been trying on new scarves lately and I love it. It’s amazing how soon I got used to my “no hair head”

Stay blessed and thank you all for your love and prayers...

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