Wednesday, May 23, 2012


So this is how it will go from now till the end of my treatment.

I will have radiation from Monday-Friday 15 to 20min for the next 6/7 weeks a total of 39 sessions.

I will continue with the same drugs(taxol and carboplatin) for chemo on Wednesdays from 8.30am-12noon for the next 6 weeks a total of 2 sessions ( 1session = wednesday1 chemo+ wednesday2 chemo+ wednesday3 break).

My chemo went well this morning. Went in around 8.30am. They started the IV as soon as they got my physicals. The nurses are great. I was there until 12.15pm. I slept most of the time and didn't feel overwhelmed like the first two sessions

I drove home to check on the girls and Solange (my lovely sister who is here to help). Then I headed to Shady Grove Radiology. I was set exactly like yesterday. Kenny G's music, mask on my head first, then on my chest and harms; I know this sounds scary. But when you believe God is there with you, it's easy. I believe in God and before they zip the mask on my face I ask God to be with me. I was calm and concentrated all the time. I meditated and prayed. It helped me forget about claustrophobia.

What I do to handle the claustrophobia

I ask the nurse to put the mask on my face first, my eyes are closed. Also on my request she puts the music of Kenny G. Why him? It's instrumental music. It helps to concentrate and meditate. Once both my harms are crapped. I start meditating.I talk to God, Jesus, Mary and all the saints I know. With my eyes close and my body crapped, I open my heart to them so they could help me with the fear.

" when you are grateful, fear disappears and abundance appears"

Thank you LORD

Stay blessed and thank you all for your love and prayers...

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