Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Side effects(radiation therapy) my side of the story

Weeks in XT ( radiation therapy), things are getting really intense and I would love to share some thoughts with people going through the same difficulties, or those who have just being diagnosed and don't really know what to expect.

I strongly advice to other people to skip this post. Thank you

As you know if you read my blog from the beginning? I have started my XT 4 weeks ago and I was aware of the complications to come. But no matter how much Drs O'connor and Salem prepared me to deal with its, I wasn't ready. I felt like it came so soon or so sudden.

  1. The pain in my throat. I won't describe it because I know it's individual but be aware.
  2. The mucus from your throat, it comes out every second. I can no longer talk without going to the bathroom to spit or cough. I have a spittoon at home and have to make sure it stays away from kids.
  3. The accumulation of saliva. I sleep with a spittoon next to me. I wake up 10 to 15 times at night.
  4. The pain. It concerns the radiated area. Remember to start using the R1 and R2 creams from day one of radiation. You have to write everything down and make sure you remember all the advices from Drs and nurses about skin care during XT.
  5. The voice. I lost my voice over night. Thanks to the sens of humor of my 2 years old it became something more funny than painful. My girls now talk like me. They think " mommy's voice is very funny" and they like it. But sometimes I'm hurting inside as I can't no longer pick up calls or don't respond to people greetings at the park or the pool.
  6. The weight lost. You lose weight mainly because you eat less. Using a PEG tube demand a lot of time and a perfect scheduling. I'm doing my best with the help of my wonderful nutritionist. She is always there for me and talk to me all the time. I lost 3lbs so far witch is consider less.
  7. The shingles virus. It's cause by the same virus that causes chicken pox. As soon as you feel pain with or without rashes somewhere in your skin, talk to your oncologist. Tell the chemotherapy staff so they clean after you and make sure pregnant ladies and kids or people who have not got chicken pox stay away, as it can be spread to them.
  8. The emotional factor. Another individual thing, but be aware it happens. Talk to your spouse, partner, or best friend about all your emotions. They are good days and bad ones, but those who love you understand and respect you for what your are going through. Don't be shy or afraid talk, talk and talk.
Those are the main concern. I always note all the questions I have for my oncologist and radiologist. It's good to ask your Drs everything even those you already know from blogs and other internet materials.

I hope this help smooth your journey with throat cancer.


Stay blessed and thank you all for your love and prayers...

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