Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Recovery: week 1

I forgot few side effects in my last week list:

7 - phlegm, yellowish, greenish and blondish, smelly and heavy mucus
8 - mouth ulcers
9 - Fatigue. I'm sleepy all day and all night.
10 - lost of taste

When you read on line people usually feel some improvement 4 to 16 weeks after radiation therapy. It takes up to 5 years to heal completely. I thing it's all individual. The most important factor is to morally feel better after the treatment is over. Then the rest will follow easily.

That been said, one week later, I feel some improvement already. My hair is growing back different from what I had before but it's growing. The ulcers in my mouth are all gone. I used magic mouth wash ( a combination of Lidocain and an anti fungal drug). It's really magic. My voice is slowly coming back and it doesn't hurt when I speak ( Tenisha and I have fun whispering)... My throat is sore but clearing up too. The phlegm became a normal mucus/ saliva. This morning I decided to go ahead and drink tea with honey as recommended by many people on the internet. It hurts a lot when I swallow. I handle the pain with no medication. The fatigue is there, it's more like I'm sleepy all the time. I wish I could sleep all day long. When I drink honey/tea, I can't tell it's sweet or sour. I have the same taste in my mouth when I drink water. But I know from now on it will only get better. I have nothing to worry about. Of course I wish I could eat and taste the food today. Sometimes I'm sad I can't talk to my baby who enjoy talking to me. But 4 or 16 more weeks it's fine with me. I'm lucky enough to be able to take care of my kids or to have lost only 10lbs while I read about 20+lbs people loose.

I know I'm blessed. I appreciate and will concentrate on the positive.

Stay blessed and thank you all for your love and prayers...

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