Monday, July 16, 2012

No matter what happens always remember that God is great. Pray Pray and Pray.

Today was a very exciting day at the chemo session. I met a lady, Barny and a man from Egypt. Barny is a former nurse and a very good talker. Obviously, she started the conversation between us... I was sitting next to the Egyptian man, in his early sixties I will guess, then there was an empty sit next to him and Barny was sitting to the other side of the empty sit. When the nurses were drawing my blood, Barny already exchanged few words with me " I don't like to bring a book and read during my chemo, I prefer to talk to people. I don't notice the time and it feels good." I guess it's because I was the only one not reading a book at that moment. I have to admit I share her opinion. I don't bring books to chemo, I take a note book and my verses notes given to me by a very special friend. I usually sleep the first half of my session because of the Benadril. Then I read the verses and try to memorise at least one ( smile). I also write prayers in my special prayers note book.

Back to the point so we were all sitting and then Barny started the talk. We talked about everything. Starting with the number of sessions left to the the quality of the drugs we were receiving. We also talk about family, friends, the areas in Rockville where each of us live. Then the Egyptian man's wife joined us. A very modest and nice person. Her husband moved to the sit next to Barny and she sat next to me. First of all she was very surprised to see her husband talking. According to her he has been depressed since his Dr told him how long was left for him to live. She has been looking for a psychiatrist as recommended by his Dr. But there he was, laughing and joking exactly the man she knows. He worked as a broadcaster almost all his life. She told me he was an entertainer and suddenly he became quiet and sad after the Dr told him the sad new. I was happy to hear her story. I don't know much about how long we all have to life. But I don't think it's good to tell someone such thing to a person. I personally believe in God and only he knows. What about dying from an accident, or a sudden heart arrest. I mean we don't know all that. I hope I'm right. So why tell someone how long he still has to live? Anyway,I told his wife I believe in God and we are all going to dying one day. Only God knows what is best for us so I trust him with my health. I try as much as possible to keep a positive attitude. I enjoy my kids, husband, family and friends as long as the side effects of my treatment allowed me to do. I look for the blessings and I have many. I told his wife I have nothing to complain about. I was a Dr in a refugees camp and I know what some people are going through.

The Egyptian man treatment was done half an hour before he left. He stayed there talking to Barny and I. His wife was so thankful. She asked about our scheduled because she wanted to match our treatments so we could talk to her husband again.

I then stayed with Barny who also finished her treatment but stayed to talk to me. What a lovely lady. You just want to sit and listen to her. Her wisdom is beyond imagination.

I was so blessed today. I didn't noticed the time going by. I wished my treatment was longer.

I already know there are no coincidences in life. It's God working his way to make our lives better. You remember I had Teena at 600gr a year ago. Then 6 months later I learned I have a cancer. Few weeks later I started radiation therapy. We all know how crazy my life became at that time... If I had Teena on time, she would had been 2 months when I was diagnosed and had to see thousand Drs from Shady grove to Baltimore. She would had been 3 months when I started the treatment... Coincidence or God's hand? It took me few months to see and understand It was God's way to make my life better when I start my treatment and Teena is such a nice baby. People helping taking care of the girls when I go for my treatment all them the same. Teena is a easy...

I know and I also want you to know. Concentrate on the blessings and trust God is always by your side even when you don't see him or hear him. Keep on praying. Prayers are the only solution to your peace and happiness.

Stay blessed and thank you all for your love and prayers...


  1. Hello Aisha. Its me Tolu from Novomoskovsk. I can't believe that I found you. I thank God that he is keeping you strong through your fight. You will overcome.

    1. Hi Tolu,
      Thanks dear, there is nothing to worry about. God is Good all the time.
      Hope you are fine. Let me know about you. Be blessed