Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Treatment over. Thank you all !

I'm so blessed with all the love, help, support and prayers I received during that period. Thanks you so much. I will never forget. I hope you will keep on praying for me. The recovery is also a long and stressful process.

I will now start the long way to recovery. I have tried my best to take it day by day from the beginning. I have to admit it was very helpful.

These are the main side effect of my treatment.

1 - Sore throat, no swallowing,

2 - Hard time using the 5 feeding a day as prescribed, now just 3.

3 - lost 10lbs

4 - Very low voice; it hurts when I speak.

5 - Bad memory.

6 - Hair lost

My main goal is to be able to eat in 8 weeks so they can take out the feeding tube.

Stay blessed and thank you all for your love and prayers...

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